Sunday, October 7, 2012

the one in which i express my undying love for Jamie Oliver

Hey Kids & Kittens,

I know, it's been a LONG time since we've blogged.  Well you know life just got in the way.  Here's a quick rundown of life since our last post.... on 4/23/2012 (I don't count the message about writing more posts and then not doing it as a post):

  • we adopted another amazing little man, Bender Bending Rodriguez, the adorable hell raising kitten found in the gate area of our last apartment.
photo credit: Benders Aunt Linda :)
  • we moved out on our own, into an apartment that is shaded on all sides at all times and perpetually 40 degrees colder than outside.
  • we got the mac-daddy of VitaMix blenders, and use it almost everyday!!
  • oh yeah, we got engaged too :)
    Photo credit: Eric Nguyen's Creeper Photography
  • and we went to Cancun!!
oh yeah, work it out, sexy beast :-P

And finally, our good friend Emily started an awesome (and much more frequently updated) food/lifestyle blog over at the  You should absolutely check it out.... now.... then come back here and read on!!
And now on to the food!