Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Mission

My girlfriend, Jesse, and I have decided to take on culinary education and experimentation via television cooking shows. We have chosen Chef Alton Brown from "Good Eats" as our guide and mentor.

"Good Eats" started airing in 1999 and ended its last show in 2011 after 14 seasons with 249 episodes on The Food Network. The show explores the science and technique behind the cooking, the history of different foods, and the advantages of different kinds of cooking equipment.  Focus is done on familiar dishes that can easily be made at home, and also features segments on choosing the right appliances, and getting the most out of inexpensive, multi-purpose tools.  I like to think of it as Bill Nye the Science Guy teaches cooking!

Our mission is to cook 3-5 meals each week, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or desert, from one of the recipies shown on either Good Eats. Think "Julie and Julia" but with modern day chefs and I don't plan on having a change of career.

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